5′ Short Film
Post Production
A town under siege; Leadership in crisis; People in fear of their lives. One woman acting in faith, committed to executing all the commands of her Lord.

5′ Short Film
In Development
Ronnie is being questioned whilst recovering in hospital after her partner Claire stabbed her. Will Ronnie tell the Police the truth about their relationship?

Queen of Thieves
6x 60′ TV serial
Alice Diamond, Queen of the Forty Elephants gang is fighting her way to the top- one robbery at a time.

My Dead Body
90′ Feature Film
Getting laid is a complicated affair for a rape survivor.

From A to B
10′ Short Stage Play
Self-produced at Theatre 503, 2018
A and B are trapped in a failing relationship where the lines of communication have become the front lines of a battlefield. Their explosive last fight shows the way words can be used as weapons through sound and mime.

Travelling Without Moving
45′ Radio Play
Extract produced by Nasty Women UK for “Art of Consent” at RichMix, 2018
The story of a rape survivor’s interior experience of recovery, told through a combination of verbatim scenes and metaphorical soundscape elements.

45′ Television Film
Desperate to have a baby with her partner Kate, Emily goes to extreme lengths to become pregnant when their IVF treatment fails. Faced with the consequences of her actions, Emily has to make huge sacrifices to keep her child.

I Remember You
2′ Fine Art Film
Self-produced, 2019
An exploration of the feelings of isolation and loneliness that a physical space can conjure when it’s community have left and only memories remain.
This film was Sarah’s first experiment with self-shooting and editing.